Accidentally marking episode as played by swiping to side

App version: 2.1.1 (from default App-store in e/OS - I suppose that gets apps from F-Droid?).

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Accidentally swiping episodes in queue to the side marks them as played and removes them from queue.
I have episodes set to be automatically be removed from queue when deleted and auto-delete turned off. Instead episodes should get deleted 12 hours after completion (and then also removed from queue).

Suggested solution:
A. Option to disable: swiping to side -> marking as played in queue.

B. Have a little popup message with the option to undo stay a couple seconds or until it loses focus (when it gets Xed away or sth else is clicked).

C. Just have an item in context menu (opening via long pressing on the episode) to mark the episode as read.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:


Hi @Silas
Thanks for chipping in with our community. Do you (want to) manually reorder the queue? If not, you can lock the queue. It disables manual reordering, and also prevents accidentally swiping away episodes. You can then use solution C.

That said, AntennaPod does already display a snackbar with a message to undo the remove from queue. So solution B is already implemented.

Or did I misunderstand something from your message?

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I did not know about locking the queue. I will try that when not actively reordering episodes.
Meanwhile I may just have a bit more careful when reordering episodes.

So it is nothing too big … Basically just annoying feature for me so I would prefer the option to turn it off.
But since options can get cluttered pretty fast I offered alternatives that may work better.

B was meant to only have the context menu without the swiping.

In regards of C the issue is the little Undo popup disappears very fast before I realized what just happened (since I usually did not expect anything of that sort when i was just scrolling / reordering and accidentally swiped).
Hence at least keep it around for several seconds or until I diamissed it.

Anyway thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile:


AntennaPod can also has an option ‘keep sorted’, so if there’s a particular logic to your ordering, you might use that.

I guess that’s something we can . I just created a feature request in GitHub (where app development happens).

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I have a code change to make the swiping harder to do accidentally and also added a color during the swipe. Hopefully that will address this issue of accidentally getting rid of an episode in the queue


I think that would improve things (at least for my usage).

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I concur that the Undo popup that currently occurs is too quick / stealth. I didn’t even know it was happening until you pointed it out, and, like Silas, I can’t get to it fast enough when the accidental action happens. And since for other reasons I have auto-delete when unplayed set the steps necessary to bring it back are very tedious so this is quite annoying.

Locking the screen doesn’t work for me since I like to curate the order of my queue and it is during this curation activity that this problem occurs.