Add podcast date to Playback screen

App version: 2.1.2 (from Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I noticed that when I am playing the podcast there is no way to actually see the date of the given podcast within the playback screen. Knowing the date of the podcast is sometimes very helpful to see while listening as it may contextualize the content of the podcast (e.g. when the podcast is few months old and they talk about ‘future’ etc.)

Suggested solution:
Simply add the podcast date in the playback screen right below the podcast name. It would be great to also add it to the lock-screen.

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Thanks for chipping in with this suggestion. It’s currently in the works and should be available in an update in a not too distant future :slight_smile:

hi @keunes - this is awesome - thanks so much! :slight_smile:

BTW as you are already tweaking the screen, do you think it would make sense to make the episode name font a bit bigger? I noticed that when walking / running and I want to check the name it is really hard to read as the font is super small. I’d actually think that the episode name should use much bigger font as it is probably THE main thing people want to see (on top of the remaining time).

To be honest I think that would warrant its own discussion and Pull Request. I get the request, and personally feel we could indeed make the episode title bigger than the podcast title. We need to be careful the screen still looks nice & clean on smaller screens. Note, though, that this would only go for the player screen, not the lock screen, so I’m not sure it would actually be of much help for your use-case :wink:
@tonytamsf @ByteHamster Any thoughts?

Agree on all you say, and sorry to ‘depart’ from the original topic :wink: Yes, the player screen would be sufficient for my case as I quite often unlock the device anyways via finger so player screen is typically the one I interact with. Generally this definitely is nice to have but as you are already working on the screen I thought this could be a simple add as I assume it is just a parameter of the text…

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The pull request has been merged, it will come out in a future release Show publish date for podcasts and file creation date for local feeds by tonytamsf · Pull Request #4862 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub