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2.7.1 (d5f0ef244)/F-Droid/

Adding an entire podcast or more eh episodes to queue (funny spelling isntit)

Often there are smaller podcasts, and you have time to hear em all…

So handy not having to interrupt your active listening… but just plugging them in all at once.

Thumbs up!

You can multi-select the entire podcast and add all episodes to the queue

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Its already there, thats so nice!

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Can this be done for podcasts that have not been subscribed to?

There are times when I am heading outside and wish to queue up a few episodes from podcasts that I have not listened to before, rather than commit to them by subscribing (and rather than have to preview them one by one manually, which I think cannot be done from the comfort of behind the steering wheel).

No, you can currently only add episodes from podcasts that you are subscribed to. I mean, subscribing is free and no commitment. So why not just subscribe temporarily and delete it in case you don’t like it? :slight_smile:

It is rarely the latest episode that I want to try out. So if I subscribe, either the latest episode is auto downloaded or it appears in the Inbox (which is a feature that I really like, but not for this use case).

Subscribing and unsubscribing is more steps (for me). Most time (perhaps 95% or more) I decide that I do not want to subscribe to the podcast that I have tried (the reason for trying rather than subscribing). Subscribing is a commitment (if only temporary) that requires further action should one decide not to continue with the podcast. Queuing an episode requires no further action should one decide not to continue with the podcast.

As a result, for me, queuing episodes from non-subscribed podcasts (for the purpose of trying the podcasts out) is much less effort than repeatedly subscribing and unsubscribing to podcasts.

As much as I really like Antennapod (and recommend it highly to others), I continue to use a separate podcast app for trying out podcasts that I am not yet ready to commit to.

I can accept that few other people do these crazy things that I do.

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