All podcasts have disappeared


first of all: English is not my native language, so I am sorry for all the mistakes I am going to make. I am not sure if this belongs into Support or Bugs.

Not sure if there’s a solution or explanation for this problem, but it would be nice to know how to prevent this.

App version: 2.3.2 from Google Playstore

Android version: 7.0

Device model: Honor 6x / BLN-L21

Expected behaviour: Seeing all my subscriptions, downloads, statistics etc

Current behaviour: No podcast subscriptions are shown in the app, nothing in the queue, no statistics. Although everything was “wiped clean” the settings on my phone showed the data from the downloaded podcasts. It also showed the next podcast in line to be played in the notification. All subscriptions were also still in the files folder (in cache and media) when I connected the phone to my computer.
It also showes crash-report.log and a corruptedDatabaseBackup.db in the files folder which can not be accessed (opening the textfile, copying those things etc)

First occurred: Between 00:00 (started a podcast shortly before that) and 08:30 this morning.

Steps to reproduce:
Wasn’t really able to reproduce anything. I cleared the cache, restarted the phone, deleted the downloaded data, restarted again but nothing happened.
Tried to check the crash-log and the database but no luck with that. I copied the files-folder (everything I was able to copy at least), uninstalled the app afterwards, reinstalled it.
Nothing changed, my settings (for example darkmode) were gone, but the information about previously subscribed podcasts is still/again on my phone, but not showing in the app itself. After another restart of the phone it was gone

Environment: Nothing was changed in the app, the settings have been the same for at least 6 months. Also no changes in the Android version, no system updates the last weeks etc.