Android Auto losing episode after hanging up calls

App version: 1.8.3, F-Droid

Android version: 10, Android Auto

Device model: Pocophone F1 and Toyota Corolla 2020 Limited Edition

Expected behaviour:
When using Android Auto after ending a call the episode should continue playing from the same location

Current behaviour:
After short calls (less than a minute) I can continue playing from the same location, after longer calls the episode stops comlpletely and even tapping play is useless because apparently there’s no way going back to this episode, I can’t even select it or any other episodes from the list of episodes in queue.

First occurred: Two weeks ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play your favorite episode using Android Auto with AntennaPod
  2. Make or receive a phone call for over 2 minutes
  3. Hang up (without saying bye)
  4. Try and play from the same location onwards

I can byapss this problem if I’m stopping the car in a safe place by the road and restoring the current episode using the phone itself.

Environment: Android Auto, no auto downloads.

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