Android Auto tag and display order help

Hello, I’m a new user to Antenna Pod. I have a Samsung Galaxy and a car radio with Android Auto. I’m not sure if its just a setting I’m over looking or what but the order of podcast on my Android Auto doesn’t match my phone app. I have dozens of podcast I subscribe to, but have a few that I listen to daily. In app, I learned how to add Tags and remove the pods from the main list. When I plug my phone in to Android Auto, all of the pods are still listed in Alphabetical order. This means I have to scroll down several pages to find the podcast I start my day with. I even renamed the podcast in app but Android Auto still uses the “true” name and keeps the original order.

is there a way to get Android Auto to recognize the tags or the names of the podcast after I rename them?

It’s a safety thing for me. I don’t want to focus on scrolling, looking for the podcast as I’m driving.

Personally I don’t think you should be picking which podcasts to play at all while driving but should instead be setting up the playlist to match the length of the journey before you set off.

I usually wait until im at a red light. I would still like to arrange the podscast how I’d like them so I can focus on the light while at a stop. Do you have any input in that?

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