AntennaPod suddenly popping up in the foreground

App Version 2.0.3, Android 9 on LG V30.

Since some time I noticed that frequently all of a sudden, while I’m using a different app, the AntennaPod app pops up in the foreground. It’s annoying but hard to reproduce.

What can cause such behavior?

Still same problem, still no solution/explanation.

Do you mean the notification or the full app?

The full app, that’s why it’s so annoying. There is no notification.

AntennaPod does not have such annoying functionality. You can even look at the source code if you want :slight_smile:

Some ideas what could cause this:

Do you use automation apps like Tasker? Notification manager apps? Button remappers? Shortcut apps? Maybe your recent apps button somehow gets pressed two times in a row. I don’t know that particular device - does it support gestures with the fingerprint reader on the back? Have you added AntennaPod to the floating shortcut bar? Maybe you accidentally touch that part of the screen when doing something else.


Ok, I already guessed it must be something external to AntennaPod.

So I went through my Android settings and finally found under Settings - Extensions - Context Awareness, wen I scroll down to the bottom, that I had actually set “Open AntennaPod” “when Bluetooth device is connected”, probably a long time ago. Since nowadays I have Bluetooth nearly always on (because of the Corona app), it probably detects every time when I come near a Bluetooth device and then opens AntennaPod. I did not notice the problem earlier, since before Corona I had Bluetooth nearly always switched off and forgot about this setting. Maybe I also confused it with the similar feature in AntennaPod that starts/stops playback when Bluetooth headphones are connected/disconnected (but of course would not open AntennaPod when it’s not already running).

Update: Just noticed that for the Android “Context Awareness” feature you can even select which Bluetooth device should open the app, and for whatever reasons in my case it was not even the headphones that was selected, so no wonder that I was confused.

Anyway, thanks for pointing me into the right direction.


Thanks for sharing your findings in such detail! Might help others in future.