Automatic, date based 'New' flag removal

Hello, I have 82 podcasts subscribed and 1,147 episodes marked as new. The older of those are from 2019, so not really ‘new’ anymore.

The only option I have is to delete the ‘New’ flag from all episodes at once. But I don’t really want to do that because I like to know the latest episodes that have been released (without going to each feed individually). This is because some podcasts I want to follow in real time, others I only listen in specific situations - when I’m on vacations I tend to listen to short series podcasts for example, others I only listen in long drives, etc.

New episodes appear at a rate that is generally faster than what I can ear per week. That is why they are accumulating.

What I would like to see is the option to configure the automatic removal of the ‘New’ flag on a daily, weekly or monthly basis!

So In my case, I would choose the weekly option so that every episode that was released more than 7 days ago would have the ‘New’ flag automatically removed. My New episodes section would be kept unclogged and displaying only the most recent episodes from last week (day… Month…).

Hi Andre,
Thanks for participating in the community.

This is not a bad idea. This seems like it would be a common occurrence for users with many podcasts. However, we do get a lot of requests. And so we try to prioritize features that will benefit the most users. If we get enough traction on this and approval from the maintainers, I would be happy to work on it.

I really appreciate that you brought this up.

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Hmm, the “new” flag (will be renamed to “inbox”) is supposed to be a manual flag. Not something that should be automated. Your use-case sounds like you actually just want to look at the “all episodes” list instead of the “new” list, completely ignoring the “new” state.

Unless I’m mistaken, you should be able to clear either all new flags globally or to the new flags for all episodes of a specific feed/podcast.

As I understand you, your problem is that you have an unmanageable backlog and can not do the initial catching up by clearing all new flags globally. Maybe that is not the issue you are expressing though?

How would it work for you if you:

  • First, went through your 82 podcasts once, added your desired episodes to your queue and cleared the new flags for each podcast while doing it. The backlog should be done after a couple of weeks if doing a handful a day.
  • Then, after having cleared those 1,147+ new episodes in bite sized batches, adapted your screening process to browse the list of new episodes and clearing new flags globally once weekly (or monthly/daily/whatever).

Could that perhaps be a pragmatic approach to get on top of your subscriptions?

I certainly understand @ByteHamster’s reluctance to implement the suggested kind of advanced configurable logic in AntennaPod. It will be hard to build it with an intuitive interface, and thus many users will end up confused.

One interesting question is whether you have any ideas on some other way to reach better usability with this problem you’ve described? Would e.g. multiple inboxes, or multiple listening queues improve the situation for you? I’m not in the position to claim the AntennaPod team would be more likely to implement any of such features, but would love to learn your perspective on any imaginable changes possibly improving things for you.

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I have been ignoring the “all episodes” list. Your comment made me consider it. It would actually solve this issue if it had a filter to show/hide episodes with the “New” flag.

This is because among those podcasts I follow in real time - it is mostly interviews, journalistic pieces, commentary of present events, weekly/daily rubrics - there will be some episodes I will not be interested in listening for some reason or another at that time. If I believe I will never be interested to ear that particular episode, I sometimes just mark them as played, and they disappear forever from my sight. Otherwise, I prefer to just remove the “New” flag and send them to the back catalog kind of.

But since the “All list” does not filter by that tag, I still see them there. So I’m back to using the “New episodes” list.

Still, automation of the flag could be complementary to this, I believe.

I’m not trying to do any kind of catch up to my back catalog that is almost 8k episodes.

To put my issue in phrase, what I would like to have is a distinct home for that back catalog and another, separated home for the episodes released in the last 7 days.

That kind of exists already, the “New” list and the “All”/Individual Podcast page, but the only issue is that they intersect: the “New” episodes appear in the “All”/podcast page.