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I use the auto download future and I like to change roms, i don’t want all podcasts to download always, just a hand full, the rest i want to download manually when the topic is interesting. This means I need to go through all podcasts and turn off auto download for most podcasts every time I reinstall.

A solution could be a separate toggle to auto download all so if you want all to auto download you click that and otherwise the future is just turned on so one can enable it per podcast.

Hope i make some sense

I don’t think it’s exactly what you want but on subscriptions screen you can select multiple podcast and switch on / off auto download for all selected.

Additionally, you can switch ROMs without having to re-setup everything by exporting AntennaPod’s database from the settings screen

Thank you. I came here with the exact same use case as the original poster. Your suggestion makes onboarding my imported podcasts much easier (especially when combined with the “select all” control at the top right corner of the window while multiselecting the podcasts)

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