Bulk action to configure feeds to notify on new episodes

It was great to see new episode notifications introduced in 2.2.0!

Once I got the new version, I wanted to set all my existing feeds to notify me on new episodes, which I managed to do by running SQL against a backup of the database (update feeds set episode_notification=1;) then reimporting.

A nice feature would be the ability to do this in the GUI for all feeds with a single action, without editing every feed individually. (Sorry if I’ve missed an existing way of doing this!) And also to be able to set the default for new feeds.

Hi @pg_tips

Welcome to the AntennaPod forum! Entirely sensible request. So much so that I’ve created an issue for it in GitHub, where AntennaPod’s development happens:

It’s come up in multiple forum threads, actually. Would be a great addition.

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