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App version: Version 2.4.1 (19dfa0890) F-Droid-Version on Lineage OS 18.1 / Sony XZ2c

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Setting “Use Episode picture” (German: Episoden-Bilder verwenden) is turned ON
No chapter pictures are shown, only the main icon of the podcast itself. Actual example: Lage der Nation Podcast LdN274: the speakers explicitely entered lots of chapters to show tons of pictures, but none are shown :frowning:

Suggested solution:
While playing a podcast, each chapter change should play the associated picture

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

I think only their mp3 feed has chapter images. What feed url are you subscribed to?

Version 2.4.1 on Lineage OS 18.1/Sony XZ2c
The setting “Use Episode Picture” is turned on.
While Podcast is played, no pictures shown, only the standard picture of the podcast itself. Actual example: LagederNation Podcast LDN274 - they eplicitly made many many chapter marks to show tons of pictures but I only see their logo… #sosad

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The podcast server has some issues, first I couldn’t download the feed at all. But I now managed to add:
I hear that they’re talking about chapter images, but indeed they’re not visible in AntennaPod 2.4.2. You have to know that there’s many different ways for podcasters to provide chapter images, and AntennaPod supports them all from version 2.5 (of which the beta version shouldn’t be too far away).

In their episode, they declared the chapters with a list identified as follows: <psc:chapters version="1.2">. These are Podlove Simple Chapters, and they don’t include chapter images. The only other way is that images would be included in the audio file, which I can’t check right now on my phone.

The MP3-feed is the one I tried.

Related: Lage der Nation - chapter images still keep disappearing

I second that: the pictures per chapter used to show sometimes, but as described in the related topic…

TL;DR: Will be fixed in AntennaPod 2.5

I just digged into this a bit more. So the problem is that they specify chapters in two locations: The podcast feed and the media file. The podcast feed does not have images but the media file does.

When publishers specify two different lists of chapters, AntennaPod goes over both lists and tries to merge together the information from both lists. So if the first chapter of one of the lists has a URL and the first chapter of the other list has an image, AntennaPod combines them to a chapter that has both URL and image. To do this, AntennaPod compares the time stamps of the chapters and matches chapters that have a similar time stamp.

In case of that podcast, the 16th chapter has time stamp 16:55 in the media file but time stamp 15:33 in the podcast feed. For such a big discrepancy, AntennaPod detects that both lists of time stamps do not match up. Merging the lists would only lead to even more inconsistent information, so AntennaPod just gives up trying to merge the information. It then takes the information from the podcast feed because that is usually more up-to-date. Unfortunately, that podcast adds the chapter images only to the media file and not to the podcast feed.

I added a workaround such that, when the two lists do not match, AntennaPod does not prefer the one from the podcast feed but instead looks at each list and counts the number of URLs, titles and images. It then takes the list that has more of these attributes in total.



do I presume right that the merging process takes its time and is written into the cache of AtennaPod, or not?
I realized in the same podcast episode the problem, that restarting the episode after restart of AtennaPod or the device (I have a FairPhone 3) takes up to 30 seconds. In the meantime I can look on the blue ring around the play/pause button.
I did not check on the pictures for the chapter markers by now.

By the way, thx for this great App :smiley:

Merging the lists takes a few milliseconds, so that is probably not the problem. The slowness might be related to chapter parsing, though. AntennaPod needs to download some parts of the file in order to scan it for chapters.

Hi there. Thanks a lot for taking care. I already feared having to try out another app :frowning: Because AntennaPod has always been my Podcast app ever since I started listening to podcasts… I’ve been going through all those changes with you guys, not always appreciated the changes though (am getting older, I suppose), but always got used to the new working routine. So I second: great app. Great support. Thx.

@n0u53 do you download the episode or is streaming?


I download the episodes always, but if I see this right, f.ex. you cannot download the chapterfiles now:
If you try right now, you get an 404 - Invalid Document error.
Right now I can switch through the chapter without any problem, maybe absence of the file helps now :smiley:

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That’s Real Life in IT Applications…

Someone in a Google Play review reported this also:

Basically a great app, but unfortunately the chapter pictures don’t work for me for the “state of the nation”. If that works, I’ll give it 5 stars.

Issue will be fixed so just mentioning here as note to self to inform the user when 2.5 is released.

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Hi, I received the update through f-droid this weekend. I’m happy. Smooth…


Replied to the review that also mentioned the problem.

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