Chapter skip marks not working

on my phone the chapter skip marks don’t appear. Can you help me?

For example this podcast is supposed to have the mentioned feature.

The current version on my phone is 1.8.1 (6e6a64f50)

Can you advise what to do?



Do you mean chapter marks or chapter images? Chapter marks work on my device using that feed.

The chapter images (version 2.0.0 feature, currently in beta) are not working, though: That’s a known problem with that feed (they specify conflicting data in feed and mp3). I already contacted the publishers about that a while ago.

I mean chapter marks. I have never seen any, also not in other podcasts (nor chapter images, but right now I’m not after them).

I have just deleted the app and reinstalled it. No changes.

Maybe I’m not looking at the right spot, but I’ve been seaching a lot at least.

Here is a screenshot. No sign of any chapters here…

Try swiping that screen to the right :wink:

Oh dear! It’s there! Embarassing. :flushed:

Hahahaha that was really easy.

Thanks for your help ByteHamster!

The design will change a bit in version 2.0.0 and I hope that this makes it easier to discover. It will then also switch between the pages when touching the page indicator.

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