Chapters are messed up

I noticed a few times that the chapters are a little bit off, I noticed this with Lage der Nation LdN254 TV-Triell, Klima-Programme, Afghanistan, Inflation, 2G- vs. 3G-Regel, Justizreform in Polen (Interview Prof. Peter Oliver Loew), GDL-Streik – Lage der Nation
Maybe the chapters are poorly set, but the strange thing is, that they differ, try a chapter on the website and then in AP, they are considerably offset.
Also I feel like in AP the chapters sometime start at a little bit different points (if listening to what is said).

So I don’t know if this is a issue with calculating the timepoints, playback or parsing/metadata.

Did anyone encounter something similar?

Are these opus files served by podigee? Podigee currently encodes their chapters as minutes:seconds:milliseconds instead of hours:minutes:seconds, like it should be according to the vorbis chapter spec.

Not sure, only noticed this from a user perspective.
The chapters are not completely wrong, only offset by a couple of seconds, more like 10s-30s…

Are the positions that AntennaPod displays in the chapter list offset? Or is it that AntennaPod seeks to an inexact position when trying to jump? Another thing that could cause issues is the fact that AntennaPod currently does not update podlove chapters after they are parsed for the first time. Could you try re-adding the feed (maybe just add a second copy with some random url parameters http://feed-url/feed.xml?xy) to see if the problem persists?