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So I was listening to a podcasts and they made a comment that if you have a podcast app that supports podcast 2.0 you should see chapters with changing images. So I went to like they recommend and the first app in the list was AntennaPod. I was like cool I’m already using it. But I’m not getting anything on the chapters tab/page. Is there something I need to do to enable them?

Podcast Url:

Which podcast did you subscribe to? I don’t think AntennaPod supports the chapter element of podcast 2.9 spec, but it does support chapters.

Take a look at ‘this week in startups audio’

I looked at the website again and I missed the filter. If you filter by Chapter then AntennaPod is taken off the list. AntennaPod is on the list since it uses for search. So you are correct it does not support this type of podcast.

AntennaPod also supports chapter images - not those from podcasting 2.0 but the ones that already existed before PodcastIndex.

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I would like to see this updated to the latest spec as promoted by Adam Curry. Considering his website lists you as a recommended app it would be nice to have compatibility

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Second! Podcasting 2.0 support would be great! I love AntennaPod, but I love NA more. I don’t want to have to switch podcast apps. Not a threat, because who cares what app I use? Nobody but me.
Please make AntennaPod fully compatible with Podcasting 2.0! Value for value gives app devs 1% of funds, by hour. I know it’s not about the money. But, money.

Hi @registeredhuman & @The_Chase
Thanks for chipping in. You can find all feature requests related to Podcasting 2.0 / under this label on GitHub (where AntennaPod is being developed).

And if you know of developers with java experience that would be happy to implement PC20/ integration, please direct them our way :slight_smile:

I’m starting work now to integrate podcast 2.0 chapters. thank you for the link to a sample podcast I use for my testing.

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