Clear or rest the new podcast count

Build 3.3.2 (701b1ce33) from Google play store

Hi, new here, but couldn’t find a related post.

Is there a way you can clear or reset the count/number badge podcasts in the subscription view? It only seems to go once you’ve streamed the podcast.

Any help appreciated.

Not sure it’s what you want but you can change what the counter indicates in settings, user interface and counter for subscriptions options. There you can even disable it.

Thanks for your reply. I think setting it to be disabled might be best for me.
But if we could reset the count, and it only display the number of new episodes/unplayed from that point onwards would be useful. But that might put this into a feature request category.

There a couple of things you can try:

  1. use a different “Set subscription counter” setting, as @Matth78 suggested; or

  2. (if you have no interest in catching up with any past episode, but want to see a count of unplayed episodes going forward) keep the setting as it is, go to the Episodes screen, multi-select all episodes and mark them as played. That way, only new episodes released going forward will be counted.