Counters in side menu need fixing

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

Version 2.7.1 from Google play store on android 13

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Counter next to the subscription item in the side menu shows total number of unplayed episodes rather than the number of subscriptions.

Suggested solution:
Move the subscription counter to be next to the episodes side menu item and/or fix the subscription counter. Currently I have 46 subscriptions.
I’ve flagged this as a feature request as I understand it is not a bug. However, it makes sense to me to look at that number and assume that it should show the number of subscriptions.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

Perhaps it is because you selected “Number of unplayed episodes” in:
Settings → User Interface → Set Subscription Counter

That’s true. That setting does affect that number, but I don’t see it as something that makes sense. I would expect the number of subscriptions to be displayed there.

The setting you mentioned can still affect the badge shown on the subscriptions artwork on the subscriptions screen.

Yes, you are right. “Set Subscription Counter” seems to be more relevant to “Episodes” rather than “Subscriptions”

One could argue that the counter next to the episodes should tell the total number of episodes, then. I think it’s quite logical for the “subscriptions” menu item to show the sum of the “subscription counters”.

Both locations have their advantages and disadvantages. I would keep it as is, mainly because there is no “right” answer and users will complain if we change something.

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