Custom RSS Feed link does not work

A podcast I subscribe to has a custom RSS link for the ad-free version. Their website says the link works on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts … I entered it (several different times) into AntennaPod but it always fails to establish a connection. Can they create a RSS link that ONLY works on Apple and Google aps? Could it be a bug in Antenna Pod?
Android vers.: 13; AntennaPod ver.: 2.7.1; Model: Pixel 4a
Podcast website:

If it works in Google Podcasts it should also work in AntennaPod. If I understand correctly it’s just a special link – no username & password involved? Also: were you already subscribed to this podcast?

Feel free to share the link privately (you can use a direct message) so we can test and see what’s going on.

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