Database Corrupted/Wiped, All Data Gone

App version: 2.3.2

Android version: 7.1.1

Device model: Moto E4Plus

Expected behaviour: App loading subscriptions, queue, etc.

Current behaviour: Database appears corrupted, all data gone.

First occurred: Today

Steps to reproduce:
Unknown how to reproduce.
This morning while loading the app, the subscriptions took a while to load, and after trying to interact with app to play podcast, app crashed. Upon reboot everything is missing.

Environment: While troubleshooting another issue, phone was rebooted, SD card ejected but later reinserted before turning back on device.

Additional: I just want to figure out how to fix the database, whether that be downloading something to fix it, or if there’s some way to recover it in the app itself.

As a fellow user, with absolutely zero experience of the app crashing, I only step in to post since no one else has replied for a couple of days.

There are a few other forum posts from people who have experienced similar problems. They tend to mention that AP attempts to backup the database file if it corrupted. See for example the I lost my data…-thread. That thread mentions the path where the file is stored, as well as includes a link to a Github issue which has hundreds of comments which I have not read.

I hope you manage to sort it out! Sorry to not be able to be of more help.

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Thanks for the reply! I did end up finding that post before I made this one. My lack of experience with command line software didn’t really aid in recovery.

While I didn’t manage to recover the data (using that post as reference as it was all I could find) I eventually just bit the bullet and restored everything manually, aided by the fact I could view the corrupted database and see where I left off in each podcast.

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