Database Import Not Sticking

App version: 3.1.0 (91d5238f0) from Google Plsy

Android version: 13 Samsung default ROM OneUI 5.1

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Expected behaviour: Importing database after phone reset keeps all imported feeds, queue, etc.

Current behaviour: After a while AntennaPod seems to crash and the imported database is gone and I have to reimport the database

First occurred: Yesterday after a phone reset.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Import database
  2. Attempt to play previously downloaded episodes causring file not found errors
  3. Wait a bit
  4. Reopen to see subscriptions and queue empty
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A possible reason is that the database is corrupted, see All my podcasts & episodes are gone – AntennaPod

Ok. That is possible. Is there a way to check? I can attach the exported database if that would help

You can send me a direct message with a link to the database. The database contains personal information about the listening history, so it should not be posted publicly.

That is understandable, but i can’t seem to find how to send a DM?

Click my user icon and click “message”

I don’t get a message choice when click your icon. I get your bio and some choices. Both on mobile and desktop.

Ah, turns out new forum users cannot send personal messages to avoid spam. Feel free to send me an email to info@<my username>.com

Email sent. Hopefully it’s not terribly corrupt as some of the feeds have more episodes than I will get by starting over, though i did get an OPML export before my last crash so I can start over if i have to

Wow, that’s a large database… So I ran your database through the commands described here: All my podcasts & episodes are gone – AntennaPod. The database looks a lot less broken than some others I have seen, so I don’t think there is any data loss. I sent you a link to the repaired database via email.

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