Debug log for download connection issues

Hi, we are publishing a podcast (Fahrradstadt Magazin) and someone told us, he has download problems. I installed you podcast player and had no problem. Now, 2 weeks later, two new episodes were realeased an I had the download problem, too. Is there a kind of debug log, to get more details, when the app says “serverconnection was lost, before download could be finished”(translated from German)?

I use AntennaPod v. 3.4.0 on Android from Google Play.
Android 14 Lineage OS 21
Sony XZ1 compact

Would have to ask the other person, which device he is using. Screenshots tell me, it’s Android, too.
We are in contact and he already uninstalled the app and cleared cache.

Perhaps it’s just a connection problem to, where the website and podcasts are hosted?