Disable episode cover

Problem you may be having, or feature you want: I would like an option to disable episode covers in the notification shade player (from Android 11) and in the Antennapod player.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details: Here’s showing the difference between the podcast cover and episode cover.

Hi @justjeepin
Welcome to the AntennaPod forum! Not sure if that solves your problem, but there is a setting called ‘Use Episode Cover’. I imagine that if you disabled that, you would have what you want?

@keunes actually it looks now that you can only choose to disable it for episodes list and image in mini player.
I believe before changing it choosing to not use episode cover was disabling it everywhere but I am not sure about that. I can’t remember if I am right or if it in fact there was no settings.

Anyway at minimum I think disabling episodes covers should also disable it for notification to be coherent with what is showing mini player.

Edit : I am on Android 11 so maybe it’s different for earlier version as notification for audio player has been changed in android

Right, yes, now I remember. You’re right - it’s actually written in the setting explanation.

I’m wondering if we shouldn’t add ‘in lists’ to the setting title to make it more obvious for people like me who don’t read properly :stuck_out_tongue:

@justjeepin Why would you want to disable the episode cover from the notification?

Which setting is that?

Ok, well, then you’re probably referring to the same setting I was talking about @ueen. On which @Matth78 correctly noted it’s only for lists (requested and implemented).

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I’d rather just have the podcast cover usually the episode cover is useless (IMO).

I did come across one more issue, you can only mark podcasts to lower volume, not raise volume. Anything playing in AntennaPod is too low. If I switch to a different app they all play much louder, so it’s something with AntennaPod dropping the volume.

Did you reduce the volume in AntennaPod’s playback controls (player screen » sliders icon)?

No, it’s up all the way.

I’m thinking, does it make sense to change the setting into a three-day setting?
Episode covers: Everywhere, Lists only, Nowhere

I think it would be good to read GitHub issue because I wonder if this proposal has not been rejected?

Notice that for list it’s “list AND mini player” to be visually coherent when looking at a screen with an episodes list.

Good idea @matth78 :slight_smile:

The original issue was legibility/readability, or actually more recognisability, of small covers. And to solve that issue, only the small graphics need to be replaced.

This request, however, is more about the covers being ‘useless’ (what makes them useless would be a question for @justjeepin, but I guess it has something to do with the contents put in there by podcasters).