Display published/updated dates in newly-imported podcasts’ list of episodes (instead of import date)

Currently, if I add the feed at Homestuck: Beyond Canon to AntennaPod, the resulting podcast view shows the date “19 May” in each episode item in the list view.

This is today’s date, rather than the date the episodes were added to the feed – I believe this is probably because I am newly adding the feed, so this is accurately the date AntennaPod became aware of them.

However, I would prefer this to display the date each episode was published, according to the feed. I can see that this information is in the feed itself (in the “updated” element of each entry), and sorting the episodes by date within AntennaPod works correctly, so the dates are understood by the software. (Although, assuming the element naming is correct, these are not actually publication dates but last-updated dates – they are still the dates I wish to be displayed.)

Would it be possible to change the date displayed here, or provide a configuration option to do so?

(In case it’s relevant, I am using AntennaPod as an RSS reader for articles, rather than for podcasts. I don’t know much about the RSS/atom specs, but it seems plausible that articles might configure their publication/update dates differently!)

AntennaPod uses the “published” field, not the “updated” field. This feed is missing the “published” field.

That’s just because AntennaPod falls back to alphabetical when all have the same date

Ah, that explains it! Would it be possible to fall back to the updated date if the published date is missing? Reading RFC 4287, it seems updated is required, while published is optional.

(Also it makes sense that AntennaPod is just sorting by title in the absence of date, I hadn’t considered that! Presumably it’s a numeric sort rather than alphabetical though, as 50 comes before 400 which comes before 500?)

Also, I have found a workaround: the RSS version of that feed gives the behaviour I’m looking for.

Looking at the code, we already do that…

Apparently the feed uses a date format we don’t support. I will prepare a change that supports that date format as well.

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Ah, thanks very much for figuring it out! A change to support that format would be much appreciated :slight_smile: