Donation spending guidelines

The project lead @ByteHamster has indicated that he is open to AntennaPod receiving donations. But before we do, we want to set up general guidelines for spending money.

Below you’ll find a wiki post, which all users with trust level 1 or higher can edit. If you have any contribution in mind, please go ahead and edit the post :slight_smile:

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What donations can be used for:

  • Merchandise: t-shirts and/or hoodies. Communication: stickers and/or posters (possibly roll-up banner if needed for an event). Environmental impact to be taken into consideration (e.g. GOTS certification for clothing).
    Can be either
    • Sold to users (to give a donation & get something in return - in the ‘buy one, give one’ spirit)
    • Given to contributors/community members free of charge, in these cases:
      • Developer who closed most issues in the last month
      • Translator who continuously contributed for the longest time
      • Forum member who posted most “accepted answers” in the last month
      • Developer who fix a highly voted on issue
      • Tech conferences (especially stickers)
  • Unforeseen costs that are required for the project (e.g. things like legal lawsuits, hosting fees that spike due to high loads, or the hosting provider leaving and we need to switch)
  • Running cost: (ByteHamster mentioned several times it’s not much and use it personally but still…)
    • server(s)
    • domain name
    • Google Play developer account (one-time fee)
  • Motivational costs in case of gatherings: e.g. food and drinks at a FOSDEM AntennaPod community meeting. Only in case of 5+ people joining, and only if such gathering was announced to the community well in advance
  • Donations to the services/libraries used by the app (fyyd, gPodder, PodcastIndex,…)
  • [Add your ideas]

What donations can NOT be used for:

  • Personal expenses or needs
  • Buying ads to get more users - at least not in the near future (some argue this goes against the nature of open source)
  • [Add your ideas]

Who can get reimbursed and with which requirements:

  • Core AntennaPod Team Members (must list somewhere who they are)
  • Active community members with a proven track record (e.g. in the forums or on GitHub)

We locked the conversation to keep it a clean document, above. If you don’t have editing rights or want to comment on this document, you can do so here: Should Antennapod begin accepting donations?