Downloads not automatically added to queue

App version: 2.2.0
Android version: 9
Device model: Honor View 10 BKL-L04

Expected behaviour: The documentation says downloading should automatically add to queue.

Current behaviour: I recently changed from stream to download. I display an episode list in a subscription, touch download, look in downloads and see it there, look in queue and do not see it there. I then go back to the episode list and add to queue manually.

First occurred: today a few minutes ago

Steps to reproduce: as described in “current behavior”.

Environment: just changed from stream to download

I stopped the app and cleared cache. No difference.

Is settings to add downloaded episode to queue on?
See settings, playback, almost at bottom in queue / playlist there is a toggle for add to queue after downloading.

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Thanks @Matth78 . I found that and it was not set.