E/A error (Read-only file system)

AntennaPod 2.0.3 (81e2be8f2), installed today from the Google play store

Android version: 9, Kernel 4.4.147+ from 15 Sept. 2020

Device model: GS110 (9.0_V18_20200915_20200915_1623)

Expected behaviour: Could download podcasts

Current behaviour: Could not download podcasts

First occurred: Today after fresh installation

Steps to reproduce:

The system has a SD-card, formatted as internal storage.

  1. AntennaPod installed on the “internal storage” SD, permission for access is set (don’t know the english terms, in German Android it is SD-Karteninhalte ändern oder löschen and SK-Karteninhalte lesen)

  2. select storage: /mnt/expand/878aeee…c6d/user/0/de.danoeh.antennapod/files

  3. try to add an abo, get the message "Fehler E/A error (Read-only file system)

Same behaviour if I move the app to internal storage, only difference: the path is then /data/user/0/de.danoeh.antennapod/files