Episode can't be found by AP , manual download on the website works

App version: 2.2.1
Android version: 9.

Expected behaviour:

The feed shows only Episode and Trailer Episode once and is able to download them completely.

Current behaviour:

has “Müssen wir Angst vor Hackern haben?” twice
and again a third time as “Umbruch - Müssen wir Angst vor Hackern haben?”
The download window tells me that media can’t be found

Did they make a mistake updating their feed in an improper way?

Yeah, this means they messed up their feed. This usually happens when publishers change the title or audio file but then at the same time also change the unique identifier of an episode. Changing the identifier explicitly states that it is a new, independent episode. I have seen that with many of the public media services in Germany - they don’t know at all what they are doing… :confused: