Forum templates and other plug-ins

@keunes does Discourse allow for templates for posting in bug reports and feature categories?


To be honest I’m not super familiar with Discourse so I didn’t know, but I checked the Discourse Features and Plugins pages as well their forum, and came across this:

As it’s tagged as a feature request there, I think it’s not currently possible :slight_smile:

(On a related note, @bytehamster, some of the Plugins might be useful to add. I’m thinking e.g. of the Solved, GitHub and Canned Replies plug-ins.)

Maybe we can create a template topic and pin that to the top of the category?

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Bug report and feature request should already have a template. At least I found a setting for that and copied the GitHub template.

The solved plugin is already installed. Moderators can see it behind the 3 dots on replies and the thread creator can see it directly below each post.

The GitHub badges would be nice to have but I think they are so rare that they can be awarded manually. I don’t think we need GitHub permalink. Linkback would be annoying to me because I receive emails for each comment on Google Play GitHub.

Canned replies look useful to me. I have to reply “please tell us the app version” a lot recently…

Any additional plugin requests? Installing plugins causes some downtime, so if there are multiple interesting ones, I will install them at once.

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Ah, I see now - great!

I only see flag, edit, bookmark, delete & admin actions (which doesn’t contain ‘solution’) behind the three dots in this thread topic. Is it maybe only available in a specific type of topics?

It was not enabled for #lounge, #project-management and #translations. That’s fixed now.

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I was mainly thinking of the linkbacks - if we add a link here in the ‘FR’ category to an issue on GitHub, it’d be nice to see there that this link was added/established. Not sure how the comments on Google Play are related?

Sorry. I meant GitHub, not Google Play.

Now installing github, canned-replies, checklist, tooltips.

Voting can be done by leaving a heart on the first post. Currently, the active community is not big enough that assigning is useful, I think.

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I did not manage to get the automatic GitHub contributor badges to work. Only @tonytamsf received one. Now reverted back to a single manual contributor badge.

Still have to test the linkback feature:

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This seems to have worked :+1:

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A post was split to a new topic: Different playback speed for subscriptions

I think the Assign plugin is useful only once the forum grows and/or the project development grows in which contributors have clearly defined roles in the project.

I like the Formatting Toolbar, but that’s personal preference.

My forum members seem to really like the Who’s Online plugin. There is also a setting for this whereby you can only see who’s online if you are logged into the forum.

I think this ties into the old style bulletin boards and isn’t my thing, but I know some people really like the Discourse Signatures plugin.

There are also a variety of OAuth2 login plugins that many people like. There is Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, and others.

Last but not least, you may consider Discourse Voting.

Anyhow, these were just a few thoughts.

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Many OAuth providers seem to be integrated into a basic Discourse install already. I only set up Google because I think that this is the most common use-case.

Interesting. I will keep that one in mind.

No, please not :smiley: You can already customize the text on your profile page. That should be enough.

I don’t see why voting would be better than giving hearts in our case. This just complicates the interface by adding even more buttons.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I can understand this, it makes sense.

This is likely something that grew out of the original plugins, because it was not originally baked in. But it’s been a wee bit since I’ve done a brand new installation and I likely didn’t realize it had become integrated. Cheers for letting me know.

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I also wanted to request Formatting Toolbar. It would allow us to float images, which can be really helpful when sharing screenshots of the app while continuing the text next to it.

To be honest, I don’t think giving a heart = upvoting an idea. I think the voting plug-in could potentially save many ‘+1’ posts (first example) with its very clear button & indicator.

And IMHO it doesn’t clutter the interface too much, plus it can be enabled only to the ‘feature request’ category.

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That’s how it’s been used on my forum in the past, so I’d agree with you on this @keunes. But this isn’t my place, so whatever @ByteHamster wishes to use, I’m okay with that choice.