General hardware/automation thread

My eyes aren’t great so I listen to podcasts. Unfortunately, I find myself switching on the phone very often, just to control Antennapod. Headset buttons are fiddly, especially when you have to do multiple clicks. (anyway, because of bad audio on my Fairphone 3, I have to use an adapter which only has a TRS termination). And do headset controls they even work with phones without headphone jacks? So I’m thinking of buying a Bluetooth remote control. Alas, I wonder will that even solve my problem. And further, the possibilities for a configurable remote control occur to me: change speed; change compression or other audio processing; skip; skip, while keeping the episode in the queue; fast-forward; reset sleep-timer; shuffle; repeat; favourite episode, drop a bookmark; feed presets etc. So I’m asking people, does a thing like this exist already—a remote with a half-dozen buttons; whether you would like to see it supported in Antennapod and, more generally, what tricks do you use for controlling playback in your podcast listening, whether on Android or keyboard-driven OS’ or even embedded systems e.g. Rockbox.

On my Bluetooth headset, I can control basic playback of AntennaPod using the headset buttons (fast-forward, rewind, pause).

AntennaPod currently does not “expose” these settings to other apps. We did add some keyboard shortcuts (see the table of the first post here), maybe these already help?

Yes of course, Bluetooth headsets should work fine. That said, my only Bluetooth device is a JBL Go 2 speaker, which has only Volume and Play buttons; I can fast-forward by double-pressing Play, yet triple-pressing does not rewind, as with my wired headsets. However, I was mainly thinking of wired headsets connected via USB dongle; I heard some reports that microphones don’t always work. As I’ve only bought MMCX earphones in recent times I could buy a Bluetooth adapter but I’m waiting until Bluetooth 5.2 which has several audio improvements.

Good to know those keyboard controls exist. That was news to me. I think they would be adequate for a music player but a podcast player ought to have some of those extra controls as I’ve listed above.

I would be happy enough to use one of those tiny bluetooth keyboards as a remote control, even when Im out of doors. The only problem is that the screen would have to be always on for the shortcuts to work.