Gpodder sync on nextcloud not syncing status/deletion

App version:

3.3.2 from F-Droid

Android version:

14 (CalyxOS 5.10)

Device model:

Google Pixel Tablet & Google Pixel 8a

Expected behaviour:

When an episode is marked as listened (either manually or automatically after listening), this status will be synced to the other device.

Current behaviour:

Everything seems to sync up apart from the listened to status. This leave me with a load of episodes on the other device that are halfway played (in the case that I listened to them i.e the fact I started playing the episode did sync), or the episode stays on the other device (in the case where I did not listen to the episode and marked as listened).

Have tried to manually delete the files themselves, but this does not do anything.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

For these devices at first setup which was a few days ago.