Have a button to go to previous episode?

Hi team!

Maybe it exists but I simply didn’t find it.

The option to have another button on the lock screen interface to directly jump to the previous episode.

Currently there is just one to go to the next episode.

But having the ability to go to the previous in the queue as well would be extremely handy,



I can confirm that the whole concept of a ‘previous’ button doesn’t exist anywhere in AntennaPod :slight_smile:

Could you say a bit more about why it would be extremely handy for you? Like, in which situations would you go to the previous episode (instead of just ‘following’ the queue)?

Thanks @keunes !

Actually happens very frequently.

I never fully finish episodes because I don’t have enough time.

Thus I enjoy moving episodes up and down the queue.

Meaning they never leave the queue because I never finish them completely. :slight_smile:

This I very well recognise :slight_smile:

I don’t get the ‘thus’ here, though: why is moving episodes up & down the queue a logic consequence of not finishing your episodes?

The queue is like my repository of episodes and the two buttons would be my way of navigating them.

Given I never finish them, they all remain there and having those two buttons, I can comfortably go back to older episodes to finish them or to newer ones if I want to.

Makes sense now?

I have this too. But when I pause an episode, next time I start listening again I try and keep myself from going to another episode, because otherwise I never get to finish one and my queue stays full.

If I understand correctly, you don’t have time to finish an episode, so you pause it. Right? Then the next moment you have time again, you want to listen. At that point, you can simply press ‘play’ for any episode in the queue, right? (That’s how I do it, at least). So I still don’t see in which situation you would use the ‘previous’ button, sorry :slight_smile:

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But for that I need to open the queue, right?

My point is to go to a previous episode from the lockscreen controls directly without even having to open the app.

@keunes any further thoughts? Thanks!

My opinion on Lock Screen controls is to actually go the other way and just have a single Play / Pause button. If you need to mess around switching episodes etc then pull over and open up the app proper.

This is part of my strongly held view that the ICE panels in modern cars should disable all touch screen controls when on the move and for there to be a few easily usable physical buttons for Volume, Play / Pause and, at a push, Skip Forward / Back.

@gomezz that’s fine but then let’s please be consistent and don’t feature a next episode button either.