Help me refresh my feed please

Good afternoon Support Team,

My name is Isha Jahromi. I recently left the podcast network my podcast was under. I now need your help to manually refresh my FEED on your platform/application.

Thank you so much!

Podcast: The Sota Pod
Anchor RSS Feed: <![CDATA[The Sota Pod]]>

I need this FIXED/REFRESHED/UPDATED ASAP. I need it done right away. Please this is extremely dire, I have employees working on my Podcast who need to get started but they cannot work until you update/refresh the feed. Every second this is not updated we are throwing away listeners/downloads.

Thank you so much! Please REFRESH and FIX this ASAP!


Dear Isha,

If you implement a proper redirect, all will be fine. Please have a look here: Updated feed URLs (301 or 308 redirects) · AntennaPod/AntennaPod Wiki · GitHub



With all due respect I am not naive to how this works. The redirect was a bit compromised so upon talking and working with Anchor’s/Spotify’s engineers they finally instructed me to contact ALL APPS/DESTINATIONS directly for a manual refresh.

If that can be performed please do so.

Thank you so much!

Most apps (including AntennaPod) use the Apple database, so you only need to make sure that the Apple database is correct

And here you will find two other sources where AntennaPod gets its podcast lists (in search): Getting your podcast listed – AntennaPod

You’d be surprised how naive some of the podcasters are that contact us. And since we didn’t know about the compromised redirect, I could only point you to the info that is relevant in most cases.

Now, aside updating the search & discover sources that ByteHamster and I already referenced, you would also want to get updated the URLs of your current listeners, so that they will keep receiving new episodes. However, since you can’t seem to have a proper redirect (not saying it’s your fault), and given that AntennaPod uses a distributed model (where Spotify/Anchor use a centralised one), their suggestion won’t work for our users that have subscribed to your podcast - we can’t intervene in our users’ subscriptions as we don’t know/have access to it. So the only thing that we could recommend for this is that you release an episode where you announce the situation and encourage your listeners to register for the new/correct RSS feed (you might include it in the shownotes). Not sure, though, if you’re in the position to do so.

Good luck!

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