High Data Storage usage


First of all, thank you very much for AntennaPod. It is the best podcast app I ever tried.

Now, the problem: after some months of usage, Data storage (not cache) grows from a few MBs (~25 MB) to hundreds of MBs (~400 MB) while cache usage remains only a few MBs (~20 MB). This are statistics taken from the Android Settings → Apps → AntennaPod → Storage (using Android 7.0). I don’t have any downloaded episode at the moment.

I couldn’t find a way in AntennaPod UI to clean up data storage, although I set Image Cache Size to only 20 MiB. The only way I could free space back was to export AntennaPod database, clear the data storage in the Android Settings screen and import the database back.

I’m using AntennaPod 2.3.2 from F-Droid repositories.

Have you ever observed something like this?

Thank you very much.

Do you download episodes and never delete them?

Yes, I recognize that AntennaPod sometimes seems to leave media files around, without no longer knowing about them. Yet I never bothered investigating it.

Given that you seem confident there are no downloaded episodes, I would try confirming the database is of the same opinion.

Would you be able to run the following statement in sqlite?

SELECT downloaded,file_url FROM FeedMedia
    WHERE downloaded != 0 OR file_url IS NOT NULL;

Perhaps also these four:

SELECT COUNT(id) FROM FeedMedia WHERE downloaded != 0;
    WHERE downloaded != 0 OR file_url IS NOT NULL;

When I do that on an export I get: 46111, 19, 59 and 59. I’m guessing that only downloaded episodes should have a file_url value, and that the 40 additional entries might be files which have been leaked. But that is really only pure speculation on my part.

Unfortunately I can not investigate further because I switched phones just days ago, and none of those anomalies in my database have occurred since then.

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I delete all downloaded episodes after listening to them, either by manually deleting them or trusting the auto-delete feature.

After export/reset/import I didn’t see this problem happening anymore and unfortunately I don’t have the original export file anymore. But I’ll pay attention and reply to this thread if it happens again.