Highlight or notify about selected important podcasts

I love AntennaPod so much. Thanks for everyone who is contributing.
I subscribed some Podcasts with a lot of new episodes everey day (single radio news pieces) and I have some podcasts which publish very irregularly. Some of them are very important to me.
Unfortunately I miss new episodes often because my I oversee them in the “new podcasts” list.
So heres my question:
Is there a way to highlight those preferred podcasts or move them up? Or set a notification about new episodes in selected podcasts?


Welcome to our community.

For the news podcasts, did you want to keep all of them or just N most recent episodes? There is an active discussion about that feature.

For the very important podcasts, one way is to sort your queue by Podcast title A-Z or Z-A ( not really what you want )

Another way is to Sort-> Smart Shuffle, I don’t know how that works, but it might help

Adding notifications for new episodes is already in the works. AntennaPod can already notify after automatic downloads. So if you enable automatic download for those podcasts, you can get notifications.

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Great! I saw too that enabling automatic download and the related notification was the only way to get advised of new episodes, but would be great the possibility to get notified just when they come out. :+1: