How I can group (tagging) podcasts (subscriptions)

Version: 2.3.1

How I can tag podcasts ( subscriptions) in the new antenna pod version.

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Hey, welcome back. You can go to a podcast, tap on the settings icon to see the Podcast settings, then tap on Folders
There just type the folder name and tap the + icon.

Next time you do this, taping on the input box will show already existing folders.


But I want to use these folder as an Playlist for running, that I can hear some podcasts separately from all.
If I only have a folder tree which can sort my podcasts and not more, it’s (almost) useless for me.

But don’t understand me in an wrong way I like the app I appreciate the work from all freelancer in this project.
So may these feature will be extended over time it’ll be great.

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For the moment it’s not possible to have multiple queues. So AntennaPod can’t generate a dynamic playlist based on a podcast or group / tag.
Hopefully it will be in the future but it’s a long standing issue / feature request.

You can look at it on GitHub :

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