How to add podcasts (without iTunes)?

Hi there !
I’m a French newby trying to understand how AntennaPod works.
Most of the French-speaking podcasts I listen to aren’t listed in the AntennaPod library, and I’d like to be able to listen to them. I saw that for Podcasts producers, the recommendation is to add them on itunes ; unfortunately, I’m not in the position to do so.
For instance, how could I listen to “Grands Reportages” by RFI ( or “Du Grain à Moudre” by France Culture ( ? Both should already be listed on iTunes, on top of that.
I have a vague intuition that I could do so with RSS flux, but without any idea on how to proceed.

Many thanks !


For grand reportage if you search in AntennaPod using you will find it.

For the second one I am surprised it isn’t on itunes. The best way would be to add it with the RSS link.
You have to copy the RSS link : and add it using “ajouter un lien RSS” (first item below discover section in add podcast screen)
-> I tested but curiously the link provided from France Culture seems to not be the right one? It seems to be for “Agir pour ma planète” ? I tried to search but didn’t find any link. :-/


In addition to what @Matth78 described about RSS, if you’re on the programme page, you can also simply hit the “s’abonner” button, select RSS, then choose AntennaPod to open the feed.

And indeed Radio France doesn’t provide the right feed on their programme page. I’m currently mapping all Rafio France feeds off of their different channels’ websites (which I will provide to the Podcast Index) , and noticed quite some mismatches and duplicates indeed.Besyt thing to do I guess is if you reach out to their webmaster to inform them of the wrong feed on the programme page.

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@Matth78 & @keunes, many thanks for your help ! Indeed the RSS linked seems wrong, I’ll try to email Radio France’s webmaster. Though, the method described by @keunes seems to work well.
Just a last question : since I’ll try to add podcast to my library, is there a way for me to add it to Antenna Pod’s shared library ? So that everyone can access the podcasts I’ll have added ?

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AntennaPod does not have its own library of podcasts. By default, we use iTunes and fyyd. You also have the option to search on PodcastIndex and Gpodder. I think adding to fyyd could work.

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Once I’ve submitted it to the Podcast Index, it’ll be available to all AntennaPod users. In the meantime you could also submit it to Fyyd but I don’t think it’ll help many people. Thanks though for thinking along!

I tried to look for ‘Grand Reportages’ and cannot find it either on

There was a typo from user it’s “grand reportage” without s.