How to debug excessive (mobile) data usage

App version: 3.0.2 (b063f0508 from Google Play)

Android version: 13 (no custom ROM)

Device model: Samsung

I’m running without allowing mobile data (generally), and sometimes use the “exception for 10 minutes”. This works extremely well for years. Checking the current settings: Only title images (german: “Titelbilder”) are allowed through mobile connection, and I didn’t grant an exception this week.

Before lunch today, I’ve updated the feed manually and downloaded two new episodes through Wifi. Lunch being the only time when I was away from home Wifi, I came back with a data usage warning, and according to the phone, Antennapod has used 2.3GB of mobile data, and the usage statistics show that it must have been today.

The download history doesn’t look suspicious, now I’m wondering if I have a chance to retroactively check what might have gone wrong to save others (including the future me) from the same or a similar problem. (where) can I find more detailed logs of downloads, attempts, and maybe reasons why AntennaPod was using the mobile connection so excessively?

More about the scenario:

During the time suspected I have listened to podcasts, but other than play/pause not interacted with the application. The current episode (that I’ve started to listen to in Wifi reach, and am quite sure it was 100% downloaded) is 66MB in size. And this time was the only time away from Wifi long enough to account for 2.3GB mobile download. The telephone needs to be unlocked with a pin, so I’m also sure I haven’t “butt-dialed” anything

My phone’s Wifi stats state that AntennaPod has used 16.6GB Wifi data in a full month (with settings to auto-update every 12h, and occasional manual updates) - clearly far from 2GB in a single day, even through the allowed Wifi, where I wouldn’t care.

First occurred: Today

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure - Looking for ways to check logs (or if there are logs at all)

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?)

  • Most feeds/episodes download automatically (through Wifi)
  • Bluetooth headset (same that I use for >1y)
    Otherwise, everything else is in the text above.

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