How to reload broken podcast show images?

app version: 2.6.2 – fdroid

Android version: 12.x LineageOS rom

Device model: Pixel 3 XL

Expected behaviour: all podcast load the image representing that podcast

Current behaviour: about 4 out of the 20 subscriptions have the image representing the podcast half-downloaded (i.e. image cuts off either half way or 1/4 of the way, rest of the image is a black space).

removing the podcast and re-adding it does not fix the half-loaded podcast image (it’s still 1/2 or 1/4 black). I cannot find a way to force the image to load completely.

First occurred: several weeks ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Not sure, but possibly it could have been from adding a new subscription using cell phone internet only in a spotty reception area.

Environment: default settings, no changes other than changing the theme to dark.

Huh, interesting problem. You can try clearing AntennaPod’s cache on the Android settings screen. Be careful to not delete the data - just the cache

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That totally worked. Thank you for the help!

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