How to transfer statistics on a feed split?

Sometimes you have a show that is on a network wide feed and then becomes popular or unpopular enough that they move it to its own rss feed.
Now if you subscribe to the new feed episodes that you already listened to will be new episodes again.
How would I easily transfer statistics over without screwing up the time listened?

What exactly do you mean? Like, is it the domain/RSS feed URL that changes? Or is a show E1, E5 and E9 within an RSS feed (with other episodes being different shows), and these episodes are taken out of a feed and now have their own dedicated RSS feed?

You have a feed A that has multiple shows B C and D.
Now C is available from its own, new feed C’.
Sometimes it is still published on A, sometimes new episodes only appear on C’

Sadly I think it’s not possible to manage that. AntennaPod has no way to know the new feed is a portion of an old one.

I guess for it to work you would have to tell manually podcast A become B and implement a matching method (title, duration ?) so you could bring back stats info for each episodes to B.

All in all it would be possible but it’s a lot of work for an edge case which only impact statistics. As there is not a lot of developers I fear it’s unlikely one would be interested to implement it.

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Did you know that the statistics have two different modes? In one of them, it counts episodes that are just marked as played and not the actual play time in AntennaPod. So you could mark them as played in the new feed and change the mode.

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Items in podcast feeds often have globally unique IDs. In RSS, there’s an optional guid element, and in Atom the ID itself is globally unique. If the feed split has been done perfectly, the episodes in the new location will have the same GUIDs as the old one, and AntennaPod could theoretically notice that and transparently use the same statistics. However, I’d bet that many feed splits happen in a way that the GUIDs are not preserved, in which case you’d be out of luck…

Publishers don’t even manage to keep the same guid for the same episode in the same feed :confused: German public radio stations regularly update the guid when they actually just fixed a typo in the shownotes