Improve "episodes" tab and UX.

App version: 3.4.0 (Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I’d like you to reconsider a GUI desing of “episodes” tab to improve UX.
Comparing to google podcasts AntennaPod episodes tab lacks:

  1. Podcasts channel name identification (Icon may change per episode and is small - i does not identify the channel).
  2. Lack of Play/Stream button (while download is available at hand)
  3. Lack of time passed from publication
  4. Lack of short desc of the episode.

Suggested solution:
Compare to google podcasts UX:

  1. Insert one liner bolded podcasts channel name identification. Title of the episode should be in next line with smaller bolded font.
  2. Introduce Play/stream button bigger, more important than “download” . Download button can be even replaced by “play/stream”.
  3. replace date of publication with the time passed from publication in hours/days etc.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
compare screenshots from AntennaPod and Google Podcasts.!AlikBltt30zJjL9DPQAG611qQa4dfg?e=ur6mQF

It’s not exactly what you want but you can disable episodes covers in list to use the generic podcast cover. (In settings, user interface, episodes cover)
That’s what I do because then you can more easily identify podcasts.

It’s also possible to set AntennaPod to use a stream button instead of a download button. (In settings, playback, prefer streaming)