Inbox vs Unwanted episodes [2.7.0-beta1]

I’m wondering if the current behavior of the Inbox is correct. This is only my personal opinion, based on my type of usage, but maybe it’s exactly what you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

Example 1)
Add an exclusion filter in a podcast that has the “automatic downloads” enabled. In this case AntennaPod doesn’t download that kind of episodes anymore, but it still lists them in the Inbox screen. In my case, I prefer not to see that episode in the inbox. I’ve activated the auto-download for that podcast and excluded that kind of episodes, so I don’t want to see it in the Inbox.
They are eventually still available in the subscription list.

Example 2)
Enable the auto-download feature and add a new podcast. AntennaPod will start to download the first episode for each new podcast you subscribe.
Press the “X” to stop the download because you don’t want that episode.
The download is stopped but the episode still appears in the Inbox. Since I’ve manually stopped the download, I would prefer not to see it in the Inbox.

They are not big issues, but I wanted to report it for a discussion :slight_smile:

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Welcome back @thevenin and thanks for sharing that! :slight_smile:

For scenario 1: I think that would make sense, would be a nice addition if implemented.

For scenario 2: I see what you mean, and it might make sense. But I think I would prefer AntennaPod to work the invested way as how you describe it: rather than hiding/removing from inbox the Episodes of which you canncelled auto-download, I would swipe them from my inbox as ‘Ignored’ to avoid them being auto-downloaded. Then only episodes that I ‘greenlighted’ from the inbox, will be considered for auto-download. More details in this proposal:

Curious to hear what you think of that approach.

Hello keunes,
thanks for your reply.

If I understand you correctly, you want to set the episode as “Ignored” so it won’t be auto-downloaded, but since I’ve already cancelled the download it won’t be downloaded anyway, right?

It’s ok to keep these episodes in the Inbox list and also to flag them as “ignored”, but this flag won’t change the current behavior for the end users, does it?
AntennaPod lists the episode in the Inbox but it doesn’t download it again.

IMHO is ok to keep the current management for the “scenario 2”.

Indeed. So I’d use the Inbox as a manual gatekeeper.

We’ll, currently, yes. But if we have an ignored status that prevents download, you wouldn’t need to ‘cancel’ downloads. So no micro-stress for checking what is being downloaded and having to cancel, and no pointless (though little) use of data (before you cancel).

The ‘Ignored’ status doesn’t exist yet, so there isn’t really ‘current havaviour’ yet :slight_smile: With the proposal, I also suggest that when you mark an episode as ‘Ignored’, it will disappear from the Inbox (in addition to never being auto-downloaded).

Ok, thanks for clarifying. I agree that your solution seems the best option :+1: