Introduce folders to organise podcasts

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature that would enable folders to organize podcast feeds into?


Hi David,

Welcome to the AntennaPod community and thanks for your question! I’ve just moved it to its own thread (you posted it in the thread of the category description), so it’ll be easier for others to find.

So, to reply to your question: it’s certainly possible to implement folders. In fact you’re not the only one asking about this - it’s been requested and supported by many others as well (but you’re the first to ask it in our new forum :wink: ).

The thing is: while it’s certainly possible, it is a bit of work and there’s not many people that contribute code to AntennaPod. Also there’s quite a few related questions that would need to be answered.

It’ll therefore probably not any time soon be implemented.

(EDIT: If you have a GitHub account, you could give the first post a thumbs-up to indicate your interest there, too.)

Thanks. I wish I had the time and skills to contribute.

It is still a nice, clean product, the best Android podcast app I have found so far and I have tried many.

Same, haha. But if you want you can also contribute other stuff than code :wink: I for example help out with translations.

Glad you like it. Version two should be nice, too, when it comes out :slight_smile:

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+1 for the categories suggestion.

I was imagining something where the categories can be collapsed when they’re not needed.


That’s a good suggestion, and I think quite a useful addition for many users. Thanks for sharing. And welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:

@keunes could you start mocking up how we can start tagging of podcast feeds?

Once a feed is tagged, then we can filter them like categories?

Hah, another good question! :smile: As you might have seen, I can’t code, but I’m surely happy to help think about how to make filters (/folders) quickly & easily accessible.

The feature request on GitHub highlights two methods:

  • Classical folders (each subscription can only be in one folder)
  • Tags (subscriptions can be tagged with multiple different tags, so they are in multiple “folders” at the same time)

In my opinion, classical folders are easier to understand. That’s how most people interact with computers, after all.

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It would be interesting to know how much additional work it would be to allow multiple categories per podcast. There could be a setting that turns this on for advanced users. But for most people one category per podcast should be fine.

Would be cool if we could have global settings per category as well. I sort by if and how often new podcasts are loaded and it’s a pain to change the setting for each feed by hand. Stuff like that really makes a difference when you have a couple hundred feeds to manage.

With categories, that data is part of the Apple API, we could expose that as a first step

But please no auto-categorizing without asking the user first. I hate having dozens of categories and undoing the auto-sort to make my own categories.


I would completely disagree with this. Particularly with how common mobile devices and tablets have become. In fact more people use mobile devices or tablets than computers for personal use. Combine that with the fact that we are all online, nearly daily. With the frequency of blogs, social media, and countless others using tags as the main way of organizing things online.

I disagree that classical folders are easier to understand. This is a very linear or binary way of thinking and our world has moved so far beyond that. Even as an old bloke, I find tags much easier. I seldom toss items in one bin and my podcasts certainly are the same. Not to mention, many podcast creators already use multiple tags to identify their podcasts to gain new listeners.

Regardless of what you do, and I would personally love to see tags implemented, I completely agree. Do not auto categorize without explicit consent from the user. Though, I don’t suspect you would do this based on other things I have seen you say in the past couple of days.

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Hey :blush:

I have been using and loving the app for years and it offers everything I need.

Except… Folder!
It would be a dream if I could split the podcasts into several folders and then have a queue for each folder.

That way I could split the podcasts, for example into “Listen to all” and “Listen when bored”.

Best regards,


How many podcasts do you subscribe to? I have about 112 of them. I wonder at what number of subscription does this folder and/ tagging feature would be super useful.

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I have 86 Podcasts. :blush:

I’m listening to several course (languages, physic, biology). It would be great if we could sort the podcast into custom folders.

Heres a new idea: if we have the unified episodes screen (2. Inbox & Episodes by ueen · Pull Request #5192 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub), we could bring back tabs (without viewpager=swiping - in order to keep the SwipeActions) and add a filter to the tabs that represent the “classical folders” (even though I would think of it more as categories), that could be a single field in the database, I think that should be optional (so that the tabs are hidden is there are no folders), the folder setting then could be added to the settings page of each podcast.

This should be rather simple to implement (once unified episodes are done)

What do you think, is that the functionality you are looking for? (Different, sorted Episodes lists)

Maybe this would also solve this usecase: Organising new podcast epsiodes?