Is it possible to split a meta feed in its different shows?

Sometimes a feed covers an entire network of podcasts so there are multiple shows with different episode numbers and titles in the same feed.

Does the podcast spec have a way yet to identify these individual shows so we can split them into individual menu entries?

Such splitting is currently not possible in AntennaPod. And I don’t think there’s a true podcasting standard that officially supports ‘two-feeds-in-one’.

There is a discussion as part of the new Podcast Namespace about allowing publishers to link up related feeds, but that’s starting kinda from the inverse.

Proposal: <podcast:guid> · Issue #251 · Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace · GitHub seems to have unifier per feed not per element, so that isn’t usable either.

Why would it not be usable? You want separate feeds, no? That Podcast Namespace idea allows for grouped but separate feeds.

Indeed if that is implemented the starting point is the opposite: you’d start with separate feeds and bring them together. Whereas now there is just one feed and you’re trying to separate them. But the end result could be the same. If the feed owners take action and support for this would be implemented in AntennaPod (but would be necessary now as well, to do what you want).

Because it seemed to me that there is only an identifier, the guid per feed not per feed element like a show or an episode.

It seems you’re describing the current situation, whereas I’m talking about a future situation. When the new system is in place, it is not necessary to have a guid per episode, because they’ll be different feeds.

The suggestion i showed speaks about

Here is a proposal for a GUID tag to uniquely identify podcasts with a url derived hash value
This element lives in the <channel> and is used to declare a unique, universal identifier for this podcast.

so it is not suitable for collection feeds as it is on the wrong layer of the tree.