Jump to last played episode?

App version: 2.2.1 from F-Droid

Android version: 11 (Lineage 18.1)

Device model: OnePlus 8T

I have many podcasts that I listen to by order of release (oldest episodes first, up to newest). When I switch between podcasts, it can take a while scrolling to find the episode I last listened to from a particular podcast (in many cases scrolling through hundreds of episodes). When I select a podcast from the sidebar, is there a way to quickly jump to the last episode that I played from that podcast so that I can then continue playing it, or download the next episode?

Sort Old to New and Filter by Not Played?

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Thanks for the suggestion! If there’s no way to jump to the last played episode I’ll do this instead (and finally start marking episodes as played once I’ve listened to them).

Should be named as played automatically, there’s also a “smart” setting that marks then played if there is a remaining 30s/1min/2min in case you don’t listen to the credits all the time!

I did see the smart played setting, but it’s a global setting. Unfortunately I have some podcasts that put several minutes of adverts at the end of episodes, and some that just have a short outro, so I think manually marking them as played will be the way to go for me.

Thanks for your help though!