Keep X latest episodes

I would like to keep just the most recent episode of an hourly newscast podcast. I don’t need every single hour but always the latest version.

Set a default count of episodes per podcast to keep and auto delete the old ones.

(Doggcatcher app has done this if you need examples)


Hi Kim,

Welcome to the AntennaPod forum! If you want, it’d be cool if you share your AntennaPod story here!

Thanks for your feature request. I’d personally love to have this as well (but not a developer so I can’t contribute code, unfortunately). In fact, we’re not alone with our desires: quite a few people also indicated their interest in this feature over at GitHub, where AntennaPod is being developed.

I have good hopes that this will be implemented at some point. But it ties in with a loooooong other discussion about ‘newsy’ versus ‘serial’ podcasts, so I think it’ll need some thorough thinking on both requests and how they can be simple, effective and flexible at the same time. In other words: it will probably take a while.

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