Mark as played

Continuing the conversation from your other thread:

AntennaPod has definitely played episodes that I have marked as played (some of which I just marked as played but had not listened to and some I had almost completely listened to but not quite finished before marking as played). Either way the episodes restarted, without my involvement, at the beginning.

As everything you play goes through the queue, you should make sure what’s in the queue reflects what you intend to listen to. You may also want to double check the queue settings, found under Playback, to make sure they reflect your desired behaviour.

So the question is why do those episodes end up in your queue if you are not intending to listen to them? Is it because you use automatic download?

The problem you are encountering is that marking an episode as played manually does not remove it from the queue (at least for the time being). As @andbenn said, to achieve that, you can either delete the downloaded file and mark the episode as played, or play it, jump to the end and let the rest (marking as played, removing from the queue, and deleting the file) happen automatically, with the appropriate settings.