Mark podcast as read when only X seconds or % of the episode remains

I’d like to mark podcasts as read when an episode only has so many seconds remaining. I’ve noticed that I’ll toggle out of an episode with 30 seconds left and it will not be marked as read.

I know podcasts vary in how they are arranged, but this is a paper cut request that would be handy. Thank you for the fantastic software!


You should look in settings, playback and set “smart mark as read”.
You can set episodes to be marked as read when there is less than a certain duration. (15s, 30s, 1m 2m, 5m)


Thank you for that god tier answer!

I would love this to be a setting based on percentage instead of a set time.

Some podcasts are hours long, some take 10 minutes. A percentage would be pretty good imo

Edit. Maybe not, conclusions don’t take that much time lol, but a per podcast setting would be ideal

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