Move downloaded podcasts to new phone

App version: 2.0.1

Android version: Oxygen OS 10.5.8

Device model: OnePlus Nord

Expected behaviour:

Current behaviour:

My question is:

I restored APs database on the new phone, and copied the whole directory with the downloaded podcasts over.

To me it looks as if the media path was different on the old phone (OnePlus 3, Android 9) and it seems as if some podcasts are found and others not (even when the mp3 or so was copied correctly).

Maybe I also have to copy the cache or so? Or is it a bad idea and it’s quicker to re-download ~12 GB of media files …

I would also like to ask for the specific path to copy the files to, thanks!

Hi @sgw,

Welcome to the AntennaPod community forum! :slight_smile:
At first I wanted to reply that redownloading is probably faster. But then I saw the 12 GB :open_mouth:

When copying over the database, the filepaths in the database stay the same, but the paths of the actual files on your phone have (most likely) changed. By redownloading episodes, they are downloaded and the actual path of the new file is stored in the database (overwriting the old location, from the previous phone).

It is possible to manipulate the database and ‘correct’ the filepaths contained in it. But then you’d have to know (or take the time to learn) how to. Some others have tried that, so you may find some info in GitHub issues #951 (careful, I don’t know anything about coding and the comment I linked to is from 2015 so might be out of date!) and - more recently commented - #149.

I guess if you’re going to attempt this and need some further support, it makes sense to share it here in this thread.

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Thanks a lot for your reply and the suggestions.
I re-thought things and started fresh instead: deleted the whole media folder, went through my listening queue, removed stuff, and re-downloaded the necessary episodes. Not that bad and one benefit is a “cleaner” phone.
Fiddling around with the database: I do that stuff at work … no big urge to do that in my free time as well :smile: