Need a new feed directory for Heavens Gate podcast

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Hi, Heaven’s Gate podcast feed seems to link to an expired wedsite and feed site

Old sites:

Heaven’s Gate: heavensgate(dot)show

Heaven’s Gate:

New site:

The other site is
Heaven’s Gate:

But I can only put 2 links in my original post since I’m a new user

Hello from my understanding the problem is with info from the feed and there is nothing that AntennaPod can do.

AntennaPod is only a podcast player and when you subscribe to a podcast (and download episodes) it’s like when on your browser you visit a site (youtube for instance) that is not working or report a link that to an expired website. Your browser can’t do anything about that.

As I see last episode was on February that means it’s still an active podcast and it’s likely the author / creator will correct it.


And if not, you can always write them to say the website in their feed is outdated.


Got it. Thanks for explaining!