Next Queue Track returns to top

Another low priority “nice to have”.

Assuming “Continuous Playback” is off, when a track is finished, by hitting play you start listening to the next track in the Queue. If there are no more, nothing happens. Perfect. However, you may not have started listening from the first track in the queue, thus once you listen to the last in the queue there are still tracks left at the top. The widget also shows No Media even though there are.

I suggest that once the last track is finished the pointer goes to the top of the queue, so if you decide to continue listening, by hitting play you will hear the top of the remaining tracks, if they exist.

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Seems like a good idea, a circular queue :slight_smile:

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If pointer is aimed to the top of the queue when it has reached the bottom - also at startup after a phone reboot - the siuation where the widget says “no media”, when in fact there is, would be avoided.

Or just have it always play the top of the queue next - thus also if new episodes are downloaded while you are listening, the newest is always played (assuming that’s how you prefer your queue to be sorted).