Nextcloud sync: where go the files?

Hi, I just installed AntennaPOD and synchronized with my Nextcloud server.
This sounds like a very cool feature to me, since I download the episodes to a “stupid” MPx player.
But nothing happens although the synchronization is supposed to be successful.
I expected that episodes downloaded in the android app will be saved at nextcloud.
Or what’s the point of the synchronization?
Thanks, Robert

The point of Nextcloud sync is that you have your playback state available on multiple phones/tablets (running AntennaPod) or even your PC (running, eg, the KDE Kasts app). Nextcloud is only used as a server, you do not see anything there.

Thanks for the quick reply, @ByteHamster !!!

I see!

Is there a recommended workflow to automatize the download of subscribed episodes on a workstation or cloud storage?

E.g. selection of podcasts/episodes → sync with nextcloud → download with xx

I’m running different Linux workstations (Debian/Manjaro) and servers.

I tried registering with gpodder for two days, but it always rejected me because of overload.

Just an idea: Could I install gpodder on one of my workstations, and sync - using the nextcloud service - AntennaPOD with it?

I don’t think the gpodder desktop app supports synchronization with Nextcloud.

What do you mean with “subscribed episodes”? If you mean “all episodes of subscribed podcasts”, this should be possible with most desktop podcast apps.

Have you checkedout the Nextcloud gpodder app? :slight_smile:

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